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My Story.

My heart has always been in photography, however, my camera sat on a shelf for a very, very long time!

I honestly cannot remember when or how my love of photography began. What I do know is that I have A LOT of funny photos of my baby sister all dressed up. When we were little, our nine year age gap was rather beneficial… I had my very own model! (Little did I know I was preparing for wedding day embarrassment, but don’t tell her that!)

That was back in elementary school days.

In Grade 11, my high school offered a Photography course. I hope I never forget what it was like to prepare film in a black bag without being able to see what I was doing. Or the stuffy but awesome atmosphere of the darkroom. Or the anticipation of a print coming to life before my eyes, with high hopes that it would even slightly resemble what I was aiming for.

Post secondary brought me in other directions. Many directions. Looking back, I probably should have just pursued photography. But hey, everything happens for a reason, right?!

And then there’s now…

I am a mother to two very energetic and adventurous kiddos and have the most supportive husband a gal could ever ask for (who is also the biggest Star Wars fan I’ve ever met). I am a full-time Newborn and Family Photographer and grow my skill constantly. I absolutely adore what I do; I found my calling!

Between being a Mama, and my background in Early Childhood Education, I know how truly precious these moments are and how important it is to document them.

I am so excited to be on this journey and would like to thank you for taking interest in my art. I look forward to working with you to capture many precious moments in your family’s story.