So who am I? Well, I'm a Mama of two crazy munchkins, the wife of a huge Star Wars fan, and a lover of anything and everything rustic/vintage/natural. Think overgrown, abandoned greenhouse, or castle or ancient ruins... feeds. my. soul!

On a much more personal level, I've experienced infertility, IVF, a three-month hospital stay during pregnancy, two c-sections, and NICU life. Each and every one of us has a story, let me capture a beautiful moment in yours!

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Newborn Photographer

I'm Kat!

Newborn Photography

am so excited you're here! With three wonderful years of experience, my aim is to make your Newborn Session relaxed and stress-free. 


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Family Photography

A snapshot into my life

Photo credit to Larah Metelkova Photography

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My husband and I are polar opposites, but somehow it works!  He loves sci-fi movies, euro music and everything Star Wars, whereas I love being outside, all things old and weathered, and, of course, the arts. Although it's sometimes exhausting for him, he always supports my crazy creative ideas; he's basically my biggest fan!

We love being silly together and hugging for uncomfortably long periods of time. We also speak in movie references more than I'd like to admit.  He does the cooking and cleaning, and I do the home fix-its. I basically hit the jackpot with this guy!

Live, Laugh, Love

The Hubby

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Hubby and I have two munchkins who are big goofballs, just like us. Our son amazes us daily with how smart and creative he is. He loves science and nature, movies and slapstick comedy, and he has the biggest laugh in any room!

Our daughter is a natural-born comedian, she could have her own sitcom (seriously, though). She's the sweetest little thing and would gladly share her last piece of chocolate with you. She has a special way with animals, loves cuddles, and gives the best around-the-neck hugs!

Live, Laugh, Love

The Kiddos

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I never thought I would be one of those "crazy pet owners" until Miss Whimsy came into our lives. Maybe it's seeing her with the kids and how adorably well they get along. Or maybe it's her sweet, squeaky meow, or the cute bundle of puffy fur that she is. Whatever the reason, I speak to her in silly baby talk and want to cuddle her all day. 

She's playful and such an oddball; she fits right in with our little family! We aren't perfect but perfect isn't all that fun anyway!

Live, Laugh, Love

The Kitten

My Favorite Things

From the first moment that we arrived at the studio we felt so welcomed and could tell that it was going to be a fantastic experience. (Katrina) knew exactly how to handle our baby and was so good and patient with her.  She was basically a baby whisperer!

I did not feel rushed at all even when our baby wanted to nurse partway through the session. In fact, Katrina made me feel so welcome and encouraged us to take our time and to not rush and you could tell that she really meant it. She really cares about her clients and it is clear that she wants the experience to be great for the family. 

hamilton, ON, Canada

Annemarie & Mike

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Katrina for our newborn photos. She truly went above and beyond to make sure that our little one was comfortable and happy.  She was so patient and gentle, and I never once felt rushed. 

The pictures were breathtaking, she did such an amazing job capturing the beauty of these special moments. We will always treasure them! 

Kitchener, ON, Canada

Lauren & Matt

We asked Katrina for newborn/family photos and we are beyond pleased! She was so accommodating, professional and so kind. She made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

She was also so patient in trying to get our newborn to sleep for those very special pictures. I could not recommend Katrina enough.

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Tina & Matt


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Quality props from all over the world. Sets created especially for you.
Emphasis on safe and comfortable posing for baby.
Quality printed artwork to display your images and forever remember these tiny moments. 

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