Ontario Midwives

new baby held in mom and dad's hands

My goal in creating this blog space – first and foremost – is to always remain honest and transparent. Both of my pregnancies were deemed high risk, and as a result, I was never able to work with the Association of Ontario Midwives (https://www.ontariomidwives.ca).

I am creating this piece, though, because using a midwife is absolutely something I would have chosen for my journey. After chatting with friends who had nothing but glowing things to say, I knew this was a topic I wanted to explore.

Let’s jump in. When I chose to put this blog together, I wanted to answer a few key questions. For myself, and for you!

What are the similarities between Ontario Midwives and physicians? What are the differences? Why is using Ontario Midwives such a pleasant and positive experience?

Here’s what I learned.


Ontario Midwives are government-funded. So, accessing care through the AOM is covered under OHIP like working with a physician.

Ontario Midwives are the primary care provider for their clients from first point of contact through delivery. For the most part, you will come to know the midwife who will deliver your baby very well. Like working with a physician, though, there are many additional resources available to step in should the need arise.

Midwives are fully licensed to arrange all testing and prescriptions needed throughout your prenatal and postpartum care.

Lastly, a midwife can deliver in a hospital. All registered midwives maintaining admitting privileges at a minimum of one of the 94 Ontario hospitals that have midwives.


While Ontario Midwives CAN deliver in a hospital, unlike physicians, they can provide a choice in your birthing location. This is one of the primary reasons I have heard from friends and clients for their decision to use a midwife.

Choosing a home birth is growing in popularity. The ability to include siblings or other family members is a driving factor. The comfort of delivering in a familiar space designed to meet your unique wants and needs is sure to be a beautiful and tranquil experience.

Postpartum care was another significant deviation between a midwife and a “traditional” OB experience. Ontario Midwives continue to see their patients for six weeks after delivery with once weekly (or more) visits scheduled for mom and baby. While you are seen by your OB six weeks after delivery, primary care is generally returned to your general practitioner following birth.

Ontario Midwives Experience

As I said, having had both pregnancies labelled high risk, I was sadly unable to use Ontario Midwives for my birthing experience. Many of the women I’ve talked to speak to the judgment-free nature of their midwife experience.

As any new mom or mom-to-be can attest, “mom shaming” is REAL. It begins in pregnancy, with conflicting opinions about what is right or wrong, and goes from there.

Finding a space where your decisions, opinions, and desires for your pregnancy are received without judgement or prejudice is a major motivator for most women.

Another consideration for many moms-to-be when choosing Ontario Midwives is their proximity to healthcare facilities. Women in rural or remote areas are more likely to be able to access prenatal care from a midwife. Rather than driving long distances to see a physician.

The most compelling part of working with Ontario Midwives, in my opinion, is their position on healthcare “bullying.” While Mom Shaming is an unfortunate reality, for many women, these experiences are not limited to interactions with other moms but also with healthcare providers.

Many plus-size, indigenous, and women of colour have spoken out about the struggle they face in finding and seeking fair medical care. Especially during pregnancy. The AOM stands against bullying. Intending to provide a calming, inclusive, and safe space for all new moms-to-be.

Final Thoughts

Whatever route you choose for your pregnancy journey, trust that what YOU feel is best for you and your child(ren) is right. Finding a community of like-minded mamas to support these decisions isn’t always easy.

But it’s what I am hoping to create here at Katrina Pauline Photography.