Serenity Birth Studio

baby boy sleeping peacefully wrapped in blue wrap

Nestled in the heart of Barrie, Ontario, is the wonderful Serenity Birth Studio. This gorgeous baby boutique, doubling as an educational resource centre for pregnant and parenting families, is a unique find. One I’m so glad to have stumbled across!

Let’s jump in and review some of the truly awesome features of Serenity Birth Studio.

For one, their shop is beautifully curated for pregnancy, birth, and parenting. With a vast selection of must-have-, genuinely need-, and just really WANT-items.

Their prenatal and postpartum section offers a variety of holistic and all-natural products, including perineal and cooling sprays, postpartum bath herbs, and lactation support supplements (in matcha flavour no less, yum!)

Infant, toddler, and children’s products range from nursery, bath and skin care, teething, diapers and potty training, to back to school, toys, and apparel.

I also really enjoyed browsing Serenity Birth Studio’s gift bundles, perfect for any occasion. As well as their holiday section boasts a variety of fun, themed products!

More, much more, than a Boutique.

Beyond the boutique, though, it is the programs and services offered by Serenity Birth Studio that caught my attention.

The programs available at Serenity Birth Studio are broken down by family stage. For example, they offer group and individual prenatal classes for pregnant families.

They also offer “Baby Programs” geared toward infants 0 – 18months, including Baby Sign Language and Mom and Baby Yoga classes!

And the Serenity Birth Studio Early Explorers Sensory Play Program for children aged 12 – 35 months is a dream for parents who want to indulge their children in early development activities without the at-home clean-up that usually accompanies it!

The “one-stop” approach is what makes this unique operation so exciting to me. As a parent to two young children, I know how challenging it can be to pack them up and run multiple errands.

“Community, education, support and long-lasting connections”

The ability to shop for quality products for my family AND engage in meaningful and fun programs would have been such a lifesaver when I was pregnant and balancing the newborn phase.

Though I haven’t had the chance to explore Serenity Birth Studio, this message from their site gives me confidence in promoting them here. “We have created a space that provides community, education, support and long-lasting connections among Moms as well as their families.”

That is the mission I put into creating this blog space. Where new moms and mom’s to be can find helpful and meaningful resources. I love that Serenity Birth Studio is so passionate about being inclusive of all family members too! Embracing each “parent, parent-to-be, grandparent, or friend” who steps through their door.

Because after all, it truly does take a village. Whether that village is the one you were born into or the one you found along the way, a space that exists to support those connections will always get the “gold star” from me!