Sprout Collection

Pregnant mother outside holding belly

If you, like me, are new to finding Sprout Collection – welcome!

When I first heard about the concept of renting your wardrobe, I will admit that I was skeptical. Borrowed clothes? Affordable pricing? Sustainable and environmentally friendly? It seems a little too good to be true, and I assumed there had to be a catch.

So, I did some further research, visiting the Sprout Collection website and reading numerous glowing customer reviews. I am so excited to say I was wrong. It’s as good as it seems, maybe even better!

Upon landing on the Sprout Collection site, I was thrilled to see a maternity option! Maternity! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by trying to find something “cute” to wear when your body feels completely foreign to you.

I have been there, twice, somehow able to talk about it – even without having Sprout Collection in my world at the time.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time for so many reasons. But one of the biggest challenges I faced in accepting my growing and changing body came about whenever I had to get ready for a special event.

I love getting dressed up now and then. I think most of us would agree it feels great when an outfit just WORKS for you. During pregnancy, though, this becomes a much more complicated task. Do you invest the money in all new clothes knowing they’ll only last a few weeks before you’ve outgrown them? Or the need for them is replaced by an actual baby in your arms?

For many, this is an expensive and not very realistic option. Especially when we consider the often crazy markup found on anything labelled “maternity.”

This is a big reason why Sprout Collection sticks out to me.

So, how does it work?

All your monthly wardrobe needs are met.

The website makes the process seem highly user-friendly. While I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, I hope to explore their event section in the near future as some of the dresses are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Sprout Collection offers several rental options tailored to all different needs. You can choose to receive one box per month, unlimited boxes per month, or do a one-off rental. All curated and selected by you!

Another great feature about Sprout Collection? They let you choose what type of clothing you’d like to receive, including mix-and-match to meet all your monthly wardrobe needs. With options from workwear to casual and those “show-stopping” occasion wear items I referenced.

Sprout Collection also makes returning items effortless. Providing pre-paid shipping return labels to use at the end of every month.

Swoon over Sprout.

But my favourite feature about Sprout Collection, by far, is their keep-it option. Have you ever tried something on in a store and felt that immediate “swoon” feeling as if it were made for you? Well, with Sprout Collection, you have the option to keep any swoon-worthy item at up to 50% off retail. Talk to almost any mom-to-be, and I think you’ll find the prospect of new clothes at 50% off to be a game-changer.

All in all, it is the mix of trendy and classic, designer and basics, with a little bit of “something for everyone” that makes Sprout Collection a must check-out in my books!

Anything to make the journey into motherhood a little easier – and a little prettier!

You deserve to feel the “glow.”